Meeting other Ubuntu users

When you are in the world of Ubuntu, you are never alone. Ubuntu is an inviting project filled with friendly people. In fact, Ubuntu is even more enjoyable when experienced with others.

Step away from your keyboard

Chances are, there’s an Ubuntu local community (LoCo) near you and people that you can meet “in real life”. Check out our directory of Ubuntu community teams and check out an event near you.

Local Ubuntu community events are a lot of fun and can be a wealth of information about Ubuntu. They can also be a great place to get help locally. You will also find that you quickly find new friends here amongst people who have the same passion as you.

Meet online

Ubuntu contributors and enthusiasts can be a “chatty” bunch. Many of them hang out on various Freenode IRC channels. Log in with your favourite IRC software and join the conversation, or use the web client to connect. There are also dedicated channels for development, bugs, local community (LoCo) teams, accessibility and documentation. Take a look at a list of our current IRC channels.

There’s also a thriving Ubuntu online community on – Google Plus or – on our online discussion groups (forums)