Keeping up to date

Ubuntu is a vast project, so it is sometimes difficult to know what’s going on. Here are some general guidelines about where to go for the latest news and information, and a few examples of resources that we find particularly useful. Tip: The best source of information about Ubuntu is from the people that are actually making it, and even better, from people you know.

  1. Get local – Get in touch with your local team and join an event, find out “who’s doing what”, and learn about all the fun stuff that is happening nearby. Sometimes having a local guide can get you what you are looking for much faster than tracking it down yourself.
  2. Follow “the Planet” – Ubuntu is built by people, many of who are “Ubuntu Members”. Ubuntu Members blog about their work in the project and other topics of interest to the community on a web site called Planet Ubuntu. This site can be an incredibly rich resource for latest Ubuntu developments and is worth subscribing to.
  3. Read the news and blogs – There are several large and popular web sites that regularly cover Ubuntu news and happenings, primarily about the software and applications. The three most active sites for Ubuntu-related news are: – The Fridge, OMG! Ubuntu!, I Heart Ubuntu.
  4. Go to the source – Canonical is the primary sponsor of the Ubuntu project. So, as you’d imagine they have excellent information resources. The main Ubuntu web site, Canonical blog, Canonical Design Blog
  5. Get your news weekly – Check out the Ubuntu Weekly News. All the most important bits are mentioned there and they are cross-posted on many places including the Fridge.

Stay connected

The Ubuntu world is vast! Here are some pointers to help you discover the most exciting happenings in the Ubuntu community. Our Ubuntu Local Communities are a great way to meet people near you that enjoy Ubuntu and even help make it better!

In addition to our local teams, we have hundreds of teams that have formed globally that are making Ubuntu! Here are some lively examples:

Check out Ubuntu Planet, an aggregator for Ubuntu Members’ blogs.

Make sure you don’t miss any hot Ubuntu news and updates, stay connected via your favourite social networking sites.