Help and information


Our official documentation explains everything about Ubuntu, with topics for beginners to experts alike.


Ask Ubuntu and Ubuntu Forums are great sources of answers to common questions about installing, troubleshooting and optimizing Ubuntu.

Ubuntu people near you can be a great wealth of help, tips and information. Check out the Ubuntu team portal and contact (or join) a group near you!

Do you want to chat with a person right now? Try logging into our Internet Relay Chat (IRC) system where Ubuntu community participants around the world help others find their way through the vastness of Ubuntu. They can help you find what you are looking for:

Some useful channels:

Community blogs

Planet Ubuntu is your window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors. Not everyone here writes about Ubuntu all the time, but it’s a good source of “who’s who” information about Ubuntu contributors.


Keep up-to-date with the official Ubuntu news at The Fridge or read Ubuntu Weekly News – the community-created newsletter.