Ubuntu Forums

The Ubuntu Forums represent many people’s first meeting with Ubuntu. They are an important resource for support and social interactions. The forums were started as an independent project in 2004 and their rapid success was officially recognized when they were designated as the Official Ubuntu Forums.

Get started

  • The easiest way you can get started is by asking and answering questions.
  • After you’ve have 25 support posts, you will have the abilty to customize your forum profile. More information can be found here.
  • Here’s a list of unanswered questions you can help with: Unanswered questions


Getting help

  • When you are writing your threads – make sure to include as much pertinent information as possible.
  • The forum is more suited to working through complex issues, we have the time to follow you – even when your issue turns out to be different than you imagined. Not all issues can be solved with a stock answer.

Find help

Questions about the site can be posted on Ubuntu Forums.