Whether you’re an experienced technology user or you’re just getting started, there are lots of ways to get involved with the Ubuntu community. Ubuntu is more than an operating system for your computer, server, cloud, phone, tablet, or TV. It’s also a massively collaborative project. Ubuntu is always open and looking for ways to create the best possible experience for anyone who tries it and community participation is a great way to help make that happen.

Find a task to start contributing right away

Whether you participate in Ubuntu locally with people in your city or town, or you collaborate online with other people that enjoy making Ubuntu, you will be amazed by the people you meet and their passion for doing something startling.

“Together we have the opportunity to bring real technological freedom to every part of the world, across multiple devices and the cloud, and clothed in an elegant, beautiful, experience. It is a bold vision, but our greatest strength in Ubuntu is our community and together we can do this. Come and join us and be a part of bringing Ubuntu to the masses.”

Jono Bacon, former Ubuntu Community Manager



Write and package new software or fix bugs in existing software. Your technical skills can make a real difference.


Help produce official documentation, share the solution to a problem, or check, proof and test other documents for accuracy.


Put your creativity to work by improving the look and feel of Ubuntu. Help design graphics, backgrounds or themes for the next release.


Millions of people use Ubuntu around the globe. They speak hundreds of different languages and it’s our mission to make Ubuntu as easily accessible to everyone as possible.


Help make Ubuntu even better by working with bug reports to ensure they’re clear, complete and if possible, easy to reproduce. Anyone can help!

Help and information


Share your technical know-how with other users by joining email and discussion lists or Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels. Responding to users’ requests for help in forums is another great way to support the community.


Official documentation explains everything from adding new applications to configuring networks.

Finding help

Access forums, live chat sessions or mailing lists and benefit from the technical knowledge of Ubuntu community members.

Community blogs

Planet Ubuntu is your window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors.


Keep up-to-date with the Ubuntu news at The Fridge or read Ubuntu Weekly News – the community-created newsletter.

Community structure


Learn more about how the community is organised and how responsibility is allocated.

Code of Conduct

Review the Code of Conduct to which community members subscribe. You can consider it our manifest for collaboration and helps define the way we all work together.

Project teams

Learn about the dozens of project teams, their contributions to Ubuntu and how they work.

Local Ubuntu teams

Find and join an official LoCo team near you, or get advice on how to create a team in your area.

Ubuntu Women team

This project aims to foster Women contributors and community involvement through mentoring and inspiration. We invite you to help out.